107: Rubik’s Decahedron
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On this week’s show: Is the Paleo Diet bad for your cholesterol levels? What’s the consensus on the saturated fat debate? Even the pharmaceutical companies are complaining about bad research at Universities; General Mills backtracks on its new legal policy. Thoughts on perfection in the Moment of Paleo segment. After the Bell, Arthur Haines describes what he calls Paleo Myths. Links for this episode:Life Below Zero Trailer | National Geographic ChannelGeneral Mills Ditches Controversial Right To Sue Policy (VIDEO)Statistically Speaking: Lawns by the Numbers | Duke Dean's Blog: The Green Grok"paleo diet is associated with unfavorable blood lipids" by Michael Smith, Eric Trexler et al.PCRM | “Paleo” Diet Leads to Worsening CholesterolMore evidence links higher cholesterol with improved immunity | Dr Briffa's Blog - A Good Look at Good HealthThe Carb-Sane Asylum: That Paleo Study …Compared With Usual Sodium Intake, Low- and Excessive-Sodium Diets Are Associated With Increased Mortality: A Meta-AnalysisSea Salt:…