126: Tamiflu Season
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On this episode of Latest in Paleo, we discuss a new study indicating that the Mediterranean Diet leads to a longer life, a couple of new food industry products, a raw milk study, flu season, and a new study about campfires. The Moment of Paleo segment is about taking a “sensitive” approach to food. And After the Bell features a TEDx talk about sleep. Links for this episode:Humans Are Not Broken - Episode Page on Angelo's BlogLatest In Paleo Facebook Page — News Hunters & Gatherers Post Your Links Here!Sleepless in America Trailer | National Geographic ChannelFairlife | #BelieveInBetterCoca-Cola milk campaign sparks controversy with sexy pin-ups dressed in milk - LA TimesCoca-Cola to Sell Sexy Lactose-Free Milk Product of Some Kind - Modern FarmerCoca-Cola Prepares to Build a Milk Brand Called Fairlife - BusinessweekCoca-Cola To Unveil Fairlife Milk - YouTubeEuropean Study Finds Raw Milk Boosts ImmunityNestlé's plan to invent a fat-burning drink that could replace exercise - Features - Health & Families -…