162: Dr. John McDougall
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On this episode, Dr. John McDougall takes us on a near-50-year journey as a doctor, educator, and even a 15-year stretch as a radio talk show host. He explains his dietary positions, and why he believes the human diet should be based on starch. While Dr. McDougall doesn’t consider himself a vegan, he recommends no meat in the diet and explains why (his answer may surprise you). Dr. McDougall also holds strong opinions with regard to medical screenings, and he discusses these views as well. Listen in for an audio experience I hope you’ll enjoy. Links for this episode:Dr. McDougall's Health & Medical Center(6) John McDougall MDJohn McDougall, MD (@johnmcdougallmd) | TwitterDr. McDougall's Health & Medical Center » John A. McDougall, M.D. & Mary McDougalljohn mcdougall - PubMed - NCBIThe Early Years of Dr. John McDougall - YouTubeUSDA GREAT NUTRITION DEBATE: Low carb gurus vs Plant based physicians - YouTubeNathan Pritikin: A Casual Conversation with Dr. McDougall - YouTubeFeynman: Take the world from another…