124: Mismatch Theory
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On Episode 124 we cover the latest research on brain games and how working irregular shifts affects cognitive ability. Also, what exactly is a healthy gut microbiome? What happens when you use hand sanitizer and then handle cash register receipts? Plus, we discuss why the WHO is blaming pharmaceutical companies for the latest ebola outbreak. Then, in the Moment of Paleo segment, we further the discussion on mismatches. And, in the After the Bell segment, Donnie Vincent talks about what hunting means to him. Links for this episode:Humans Are Not Broken - Angelo's Blog / Home of Latest in PaleoLatest In Paleo Facebook Page — News Hunters & Gatherers Post Your Links Here!Predators in Your Backyard - YouTubeA Consensus on the Brain Training Industry from the Scientific CommunityScientific evidence does not support the brain game claims, Stanford scholars sayStanford brain experts, others, say brain game benefits are exaggerated - Silicon Valley Business JournalScientists Call Foul On Brain Games Pseudo-ScienceDo…