118: Rewilding Without Matches
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On this week’s show, we feature a conversation with guest, Claire Dunn. She is the author of “My Year Without Matches,” which she wrote after spending a year living simply in an Australian forest. She tells us about the experience and how it has affected her. Plus, you’ll hear wise words from an indigenous Kalahari leader and also from George Monbiot who talks about rewilding our world. Links for this episode:Book: My Year Without MatchesClaire Dunn's HomepageAbout Claire DunnRight Livelihood Award: 2005 - FPK / Roy SesanaRight Livelihood Award: Speech -SesanaFrom the top of the food chain down: Rewilding our world - George Monbiot - YouTube Purakai.com - Shop for Organic Clothing from PuraKai - Use coupon code "latest in paleo" for free shipping!