122: Hairy Pigs, Blue Blockers, and Animism, Oh My!
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On today’s show we have a rewilding update; we discuss recent media coverage of the Paleo lifestyle (pro and con); a study indicates that artificial sweeteners can disrupt the microbiome and lead to metabolic disorders; we cover Mark Bittman’s thoughts on home cooking; and also an interesting idea about how fire has made us who we are…and it’s not just cooking. The Moment of Paleo segment is titled Animism and Generalities. And After the Bell, it’s a TED talk called The Surprising Science of Happiness. Links for this episode:BBC News - Hairy pigs introduced to restore heath land and attract wildlifeThe RSPB: News: We're using pig power to give nature a homePopular Paleo Diet Becomes Way of Life for Some | Video - ABC NewsThe Paleo Lifestyle: The Way, Way, Way Back - NYTimes.comThe Paleo Movement and the New Naturalistic Fallacy | Big Think | Risk: Reason and RealityArtificial sweeteners induce glucose intolerance by altering the gut microbiota : Nature : Nature Publishing GroupSugar substitutes linked to…