Is It Time to Take a Political Stand?
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For a long time, you have heard us say to avoid polarizing topics on social media lest your business risk alienating half of your potential market. Topics typically include gun control, religion, abortion, and of course, politics. But these are new times and maybe the rules have changed. Especially if what is happening in politics is impacting your clients and in turn, your business. Less polarizing but equally exciting is the world of sports and of course, with the Super Bowl VI now a memory, we can reflect on the social media winners and losers as well as the lessons learned from the hashjackers who tweeted away while waiting for Tom Brady to show up (which he did in style!). It was only a matter of time before YouTube joined the live stream party and it will soon be open to all Tubers. We will share the best practices that have emerged for live-streaming – it’s an easy check list that any small business can apply. And when you are live streaming should that phone be held vertically or horizontally? The…