Job Seekers Turning to Instagram
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Just when you thought usage trends were settling into a new norm, along comes Instagram as the new go-to site for researching company culture and workplace life. LinkedIn better be paying attention because this phenomenon among the 19 to 29 year old audience have pegged this site as a dinosaur. So is this a temporary fad or is it an omen of things to come as this generation ages? If you are a podcast, artist, writer, or game developer then you may already know about Patreon. If not we’ll tell you why you should consider this site as a new source of revenue and as an alternative to other paid advertising options. Who is best at picking your most flattering headshot to use on social media? Hint: it’s not you! More to come in this episode of Social Solutions includes critical social mediate strategy mistakes, Google’s new GIF maker, and what your fake followers say about your.