Hashtag Controversy Over #Rio2016 #TeamUSA
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There are stories and then there are ridiculous stories. This one falls into the ridiculous category. Did you even know that there is ban by the USOC with threats of litigation on any company using #Rio2016 or #TeamUSA unless you are an official sponsor of the Olympics. Seriously? And that’s not where this week’s controversial topics end. Instagram in on the hot seat for copying Snapchat Stories. Less controversial, but equally interesting is the first ever Twitter awards. When, what, why and how will be revealed. And Twitter Media Studio is coming this fall. LinkedIn Video will be rolled out with 30-second video options for 500 invited influencers. A new way to follow, comment and share which could raise your capital among your connections. Not so happy news is that fake followers on LinkedIn are on the rise and causing chaos, stress, and annoyance among the users. So will the power of Microsoft help LinkedIn manage this growing problem? And finally, have you looked to Pinterest for Back to School trends?…