The New Social Media Landscape
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Remember way back when Pinterest had a Like button? Remember when creating a Facebook cover for your page was easy? Remember when??? Another week and another week to talk about the massive changes that are happening on your favorite social media platforms. This week it’s about using a video for your Facebook page cover. It sounds like a really cool idea but it won’t come without its challenges. Pinterest has removed the Like button and now forces you to save your favorite pins. What’s the difference? What’s the benefit? Why should you care? So Instagram now boasts 700 million monthly active users. Is it just another number or is there real value to your business? LinkedIn now boasts more than 500 million members in 200 countries. But does that translate to a richer experience for users? And if you’re bored with the current platforms and looking for alternatives, there’s no shortage of options: Amino Apps, Raftr, Lego Life,, Zenly and Hype to name a few. Next big thing…or another big distraction?