Are Chat bots Smarter than Humans?
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The simple answer is sometimes they are. One thing we know we can count on is that they respond in real time and make a genuine effort to answer our questions – without putting us on hold or passing us off to another person. This is only one of the topics on today’s Social Solutions Show. For businesses, they can be a dream answer to saving payroll and at the same time providing better customer service. This is a big news show as much is happening in social media this week. You may be asking is Vine dead or alive? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘yes.’ If you remember Google+ with fond nostalgia then it’s time to revisit the newest features including Hiding, Zooming, and Events. Maybe one of the most exciting creations is on YouTube with a new revenue product called SuperChat. Whether you are trying to get promoted by influencers or increase your revenue income on YouTube, this could have positive benefits. I’m sure you are losing sleep over Snapchat, and if you aren’t you should be. This little engine that could…