Does Your Company Have a Target on Its Back?
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Join Carol McManus and Ken Herron for a rollicking time as we discuss how Presidential tweeting has impacted brands and how they are managing damage control – it happened to Skittles, TicTac, Oreo, and Ford, and yes, it could happen to you! Have you heard about Workplace by Facebook. Truth to tell, it’s Facebook at Work with a new shade of lipstick, but something to consider because your employees are already using social media at work and this may be a solution or a curse to this potential time waster. And if you think Virtual Reality (VR) isn’t here to stay, then you haven’t heard about Oculus Touch (ships Dec 6 just in time for Christmas). Maybe you’re looking for some LinkedIn best practices and another solid reason for using LinkedIn on a regular basis. Let’s see – we haven’t mentioned video is the last few minutes so let’s talk about Prisma and what it can do to take okay pictures to sunning and even epic levels making you and your company look like pros! We’ve talked a lot about marketing to…