Instagram and Snapchat Duke it Out
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When was the last time you were on the playground scrapping it out with a rival? Probably a few years ago. That proud tradition of ‘dukes up’ has not lost its punch (pun intended) in the digital world. Rivals clash every day but this week the news is all about how Snapchat is taking its pound of flesh our of Instagram’s hide. How and why? For those answers, you’ll have to listen to the Social Solutions Show with your hosts Carol McManus and Ken Herron. There is so much more to learn during this show. For example, how Live Video for Instagram Stories is now global and why that’s important to your business – no matter where you are in the world. Perhaps you need primer on Instagram; let us help get you started or improve on your basic knowledge. Last week we mentioned YouTube’s Super Chat. In only a week, this is a runaway winner and making some people a LOT of money so why not you? We’ll bring you back to Snapchat Spectacles and how you can create better Snaps. What would a #sososhow be without some reference…