Tap, Click and Buy Gets Easier
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February 15, 2017
We’ve been talking for some time now about the enormous value of the Pinterest Buy button, but they are working on a project that will totally upend retail as we know it today. Can you imagine being able to see an image on Pinterest, tap on it, and be immediately directed to where you can buy it? It’s coming! Facebook is serious about video – in ways that even Facebook never imagined. For starters, bringing sound to videos in your News Feed – no more silent movies! And what about the possibility of a Facebook Video App for TV? It’s coming! What else can you expect in this Social Solutions Show? We’ll share new research on optimizing performance of videos on social media. And do you know the latest consumer trends and what you need to do to stay in front of your customers? Our friends at Google Maps have added a really compelling feature. You can now create lists of destinations to share with others. We’ll share our thoughts on how this simple option can be used by different businesses.