Twitter Moments – Promoted Stickers – All Good
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With all the good things that Twitter is introducing to make it a richer experience for users makes you wonder why the naysayers keep re-writing their eulogy. Twitter is alive and well and users are going crazy about some of the coming options. Today, Social Solutions will focus on the future and why this site is so essential to a comprehensive marketing plan for business. Your hosts, Ken Herron and Carol McManus have a lot to share and it’s not all about Twitter. Ever wish you could edit your status updates on LinkedIn? Well now you can, but there’s a catch. If you’re a CEO and you’re not using LinkedIn, it is reflecting poorly on your company and you. We’ll give you the why and the how solution. Biggest speculation this week is that Instagram may have marked the beginning of the end of SnapChat. A good lesson for all us when a big competitor with what seems like unlimited resources decides to duplicate our best differentiator. And did you know, you could actually pay an influencer to post about your brand?…