Alienate Your Customers on Social Media
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September 1, 2016
What super-premium French luxury retailer missed the marketing opportunity of a lifetime recently? Answer: Goyard. What did they do? Well, tune in to Social Solutions to hear this incredibly stupid, shortsighted, and probably costly example. (Do you think we have a strong opinion on this one?) Tons to talk about today including the return of Ben Forta, our returning guest from Adobe to bring us up to date on all the latest news and innovation to make you more productive. In addition to Ben, we’ll tell you about the Amplify Publisher Program on Twitter and share some new research on what things brands do that social media users find most annoying. LinkedIn seems to be moving in a new direction by offering better search for content. Is this a good thing or a bad thing and do you search for content or people on LinkedIn? If that’s not enough, we’ll give you a great checklist on how to be a better communicator.