The Case of the Disappearing Egg
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With Easter only a week away, everyone is thinking about eggs – including Twitter – but in their case, they decided to permanently do away with the egg as a default option for user who don’t take the time to upload their own image. Will this separate the men from the boys? Who knows, but that along with another change in how they count 140 characters all seem to be in an effort to clean up the riff-raff and encourage users to engage more often. Facebook profiles and pages can now livestream 360-degree video but it comes with a price and perhaps even questionable benefit to the majority of business marketers. In addition, Facebook how has Personal Fundraisers and Donate Buttons. Are they competing with GoFundMe and Kickstarter or is this a new innovative option? With Ken Herron back from his world travels we had to talk about analytics and happily Periscope obliged by introducing a new activity tab and a more robust analytics dashboard. Wishing you had more sticks? In this case, it’s Instagram that stepped up…