Endorsements that Matter Are Not Just for Politics
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For a long time, users and viewers have questioned the validity of endorsements on LinkedIn. Who are these people? Why are they endorsing me? Is this feature helping or hurting my reputation. Well the answer lies in the middle. Chances are you will be pleased with the new ‘endorsements that matter’ enhancement that LinkedIn just rolled out. Want to know more? Have a listen. We will also cover the exciting news about Pinterest topping 150 million users and the growing shift in demographics both in and outside the United States. Did you know that when a customer tweets at a business and receives a timely response they are more likely to spend money with you? And we know video is important but increasingly the value of content marketing through the use of video is taking center stage. If your business is struggling, maybe it’s time to jump start your social media. We will share some simple tips to get you reengaged so your Likes will reengage. And to help you along, we plan to share some great tips on writing –…