The Perils of Copying a Competitor
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We’re back from our mid-winter break and tons of great (and not so great) things have been happening in the social media digital world. Let’s start with LinkedIn. Okay, we can agree it was time for facelift but why on earth copy Facebook? Perhaps that wasn’t the plan but it is certainly the outcome and according to many social channels, the reaction is not good. We love to talk about video and Bravo to Instagram for being the first to really stretch the envelope on what you can do in a single post. Try sharing up to 10 pictures and videos! This is not an invitation to bombard your audience with every bad picture sitting on your smart phone, but (done correctly) a boon to marketers. Periscope finally closed the back door to groups. Starting immediately only creators of groups can add and remove members or change the title of the group. Silly mistake but many groups were compromised because non-creators were wreaking havoc. Here’s a good question: Do you know what the Von Restorff Effect is? Well, we will…