Why is Every Social Media IPO Like a Thrill Ride?
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f you recall, there was huge excitement in the tech world between 1995 and 2001 in the era known as the Dotcom Bubble. But then came the crash and many shattered dreams as well as empty bank accounts. Watching what is happening less than a week after Snap’s IPO may well be an echo back to that era. We’re not a finance show, but the strength and sustainability of social media sites has direct impact on us as business owners and marketers. That’s where we will start today’s Social Solutions Show. But this topic goes deeper. Ask yourself: How much money will I spend on advertising online? Where will I allocate those dollars? What results should I be getting? And then add one more question to the mix: Which sites are likely to grow and innovate ensuring their longer-term success? In an effort to make Pinterest even more viable to the masses, you can now search for new Pins by searching any image on any website! Very smart on their part but potentially costly to you if you snag photos that require purchase from…