The Consequences of Facebook and Politics
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Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. What on earth are we talking about? Well mixing politics with social media, of course. Facebook announced a new feature this week allowing you to publicly endorse your Presidential candidate on your profile and page. But before you hit the button, tune in to Social Solutions for some sobering things to consider. Today, Carol McManus and Ken Herron (without political bias) will move on to topics that include live-stream on Periscope without using your smartphone using Periscope Producer. If you are (or want to be) recognized as an authority in your field, then this is a feature worth investigating. Maybe you will qualify for Pin Collective so you can tap into the resources of Pinterest so your Pins delight customers and drive performance for your business. Still looking for the magic solution for making an image go viral on social media? Well we have some tips to share. And if you are still not using Snapchat you are probably losing out. Let us share some…