The Battle for Streaming Video Heats Up
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We know by now that a video strategy is essential for a fully developed marketing strategy. And we also know that pre-recorded, fully edited videos are being supplemented with live stream. Now that Meerkat has been knocked out of the ring, the match that the odds-makers are betting on is between Facebook Live and Periscope. We’ll bring you up to date and make our recommendations on today’s Social Solutions Show with @kenherron and @linkedinlady. You probably heard the news about WhatsApp for desktop use – should you care? If you don’t care about WhatsApp, then maybe your attention should shift to customer care on your social channels before your audience goes nuclear. There is always more to talk about. Today that includes the value of influencers on Twitter; how to know what type of content your followers will amplify; tips on how soon you should begin promoting for seasonal event sales; and why Instagram showed