It Is Easier to Fly with the Right Wings
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It may seem obvious that it’s easier to fly with the right wings, but now Twitter has given marketers open access to their own Flight School. Today’s Social Solutions Show will bring you up to date on how to get your wings and what they will do for your business. The verdict is in on the 10,000 character limit on Twitter (expected to be released in March) and it seems there are some very positive outcomes that you should anticipate. If you’re bored with the current social platforms, perhaps you are ready for Peach. Refreshingly fun and simple and offers some features that will give new meaning to engagement with friends, family, and customers. Periscope videos will now play automatically within Twitter on your iPhone making live stream video even more viable (and necessary for your marketing). And if that’s not enough, we’ll round out today’s show with LinkedIn’s latest list of 25 hottest skills as well as some must know presentation tips.