Move over Craigslist & eBay for Facebook Marketplace
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What do we love about Craigslist? It’s free! What do we love about eBay? It’s the world’s largest garage sale! And what do we love about Facebook Marketplace? The over a billion users and a new way to spike engagement along with sales! That’s just the tip of today’s Social Solutions iceberg. When Ken Herron and Carol McManus kick off the show, we’ll bring you up to date on Twitter Moments and why this will be a genuinely useful marketing tool. While we were off air last week, Spectacles introduced their new video-recording eyewear – will it success where Google Glass failed? Maybe! But Google hasn’t been asleep either. They have introduced Google WiFi, Chromecast Ultra and Google Home. Did you know full disclosure is mandatory if you are receiving compensation for promoting other people’s products or services. YouTube has now added text disclaimers that appear in the first few seconds of the video to help you comply. And we’ll round out the program with some compelling video marketing statistics taking away…