1: What to expect from the Python Test Podcast
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Upcoming topic categories: Mechanics of testing testing concepts and strategies Software development methodologies Software development skills and best practices Software testing in education and programming instruction Using Python test frameworks for non-Python projects Each of the categories is broken into topic ideas in the audio. Goals: Promote the idea that strategically combining software testing into the development process does NOT take more time. Have learning a test framework be easy. Promote pytest for new projects. Cover unittest and nose, and how to work around some of their limitations. Promote functional, system, and subcutaneous testing. Promote the phrase "automated test" in place of "unit test" in most usages. Introduce people to topics around software development and software testing. Promote "Lean TDD": the good parts of Agile, Lean, BDD, and TDD. Create a podcast series that can be used as a reference. 10-12. Stretch goals. Listen to the audio for these. Also covered: how we're gonna…