38: Prioritize software tests with RCRCRC
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RCRCRC was developed by Karen Nicole Johnson. In this episode we discuss the mnemonic/heuristic and use it to prioritize tests for the cards application. Recent: new features, new areas of code Core: essential functions must continue to work, your products USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) Risk: some areas of an application pose more risk, perhaps areas important to customers but not used regularly by the development team. Configuration sensitive: code that’s dependent on environment settings or operating system specifics Repaired: tests to reproduce bugs, tests for functionality that has been recently repaired. Chronic: functionality that frequently breaks Sponsored By:Patreon Supporters: Help support the show with as little as $1 per month. Funds help pay for expenses associated with the show.Support Test & CodeLinks:A heuristic for regression testing, by Karen Nicole [email protected] on githubcards on Travis CIcards on AppVeyor