23: Lessons about testing and TDD from Kent Beck
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September 30, 2016
Kent Beck's twitter profile says "Programmer, author, father, husband, goat farmer". But I know him best from his work on extreme programming, test first programming, and test driven development. He's the one. The reason you know about TDD is because of Kent Beck. I first ran across writings from Kent Beck as started exploring Extreme Programming in the early 2000's. Although I don't agree with all of the views he's expressed in his long and verbose career, I respect him as one of the best sources of information about software development, engineering practices, and software testing. Along with Test First Programming and Test Driven Development, Kent started an automated test framework that turned into jUnit. jUnit and it's model of setup and teardown wrapping test functions, as well base test class driven test frameworks became what we know of as xUnit style frameworks now, which includes Python's unittest. He discussed this history and a lot more on episode 122 of Software Engineering Radio. The episode is…