42: Using Automated Tests to Help Teach Python - Trey Hunner
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This interview with Trey Hunner discusses his use of automated tests to help teach programming. Automated testing is a huge part of developing great software. But many new developers don't get exposed to testing for quite a while. But this is changing. New ways to teach programming include automated tests from the beginning. Trey Hunner is one of the PSF directors and a Python and Django team trainer, and he has been using automated tests to help people learn Python.Special Guest: Trey Hunner.Sponsored By:Python BytesGet the latest Python news with the Python Bytes Podcast.Talk Python to MeGet the back story and hear about the human side of the Python things you love with the Talk Python to Me PodcastSupport Test & Code - Software Testing, Development, PythonLinks:Trey HunnerPython Morsels - write better Python codeTrey’s Weekly Python ChatTrey’s Training business: Truthful Technologyexercism.ioPyBites Code Challenges CheckiO