43: Kelsey Hightower - End to End & Integration Testing
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I first heard Kelsey speak during his 2017 PyCon keynote. He's an amazing speaker, and I knew right then I wanted to hear more about what he does and hear more of his story. We discuss testing, of course, but we take it further and discuss: tests for large systems, like kubernetes Testing in real world scenarios with all the configuration and everything Becoming a complete engineer by thinking about the end to end flow from the users perspective Learning from other roles, and the value of roles to allow focus and expertise We even get into Chaos Engineering and testing live systems. Special Guest: Kelsey Hightower.Sponsored By:PyCharm Professional: If you value your time, you owe it to yourself to try PyCharm. The team has set up a link just for Test & Code listeners. If you use the link [testandcode.com/pycharm](http://testandcode.com/pycharm), you can try PyCharm Professional for free for 3 months. This offer is only good until Sept 1, so don't forget. Plus using the link (I'll also have it in the show…