12: Coverage.py with Ned Batchelder
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February 10, 2016
In this episode I interview Ned Batchelder. I know that coverage.py is very important to a lot of people to understand how much of their code is being covered by their test suites. Since I'm far from an expert on coverage, I asked Ned to discuss it on the show. I'm also quite a fan of Ned's 2014 PyCon talk "Getting Started Testing", so I definitely asked him about that. We also discuss edX, Python user groups, PyCon talks, and more. Some of what's covered (pun intended) in this episode: coverage.py types of coverage Line coverage branch coverage Behavior coverage Data coverage How Ned became the owner of coverage.py Running tests from coverage.py vs running coverage from test runner. edX what is it what Ned's role is Ned's blog Ned's PyCon 2014 talk "Getting Started Testing" Teaching testing and the difficulty of the classes being part of unittest fixtures package some of the difficulties of teaching unittest because of it's class based system. the history of classes in unittest coming from java's jUnit…