44: Mentoring - Nina Zakharenko
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Nina Zakharenko is a cloud developer advocate at Microsoft focusing on Python. She's also an excellent public speaker. We talk about her experience with mentoring, both being a mentor, and utilizing mentors. We also talk about public speaking, her move to Microsoft, and to Portland, and the Microsoft/GitHub merge.Special Guest: Nina Zakharenko.Sponsored By:PyCharm Professional: If you value your time, you owe it to yourself to try PyCharm. The team has set up a link just for Test & Code listeners. If you use the link [testandcode.com/pycharm](http://testandcode.com/pycharm), you can try PyCharm Professional for free for 3 months. This offer is only good until Sept 1, so don't forget. Plus using the link (I'll also have it in the show notes) lets PyCharm know that supporting Test & Code is a good thing.Support Test & Code - Software Testing, Development, PythonLinks:The Recurse CenterWhy I joined Microsoft – Hacker NoonBootstrap · The most popular HTML, CSS, and JS library in the world.Brian Holt on Twitter:…