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In this Blind Vet Tech Quick Guides and Tutorials podcast, we demonstrate Windows 10 Narrator. Microsoft’s commitment to integrated accessibility options for the blind received much attention since releasing Windows 10, with more to come. No longer is Narrator the laughing stock of screen readers, but its now almost as powerful as NVDA or JAWS. This episode shows how to use Narrator to navigate around different screens. Here are the key commands used: * Windows Key, Control, and Enter to activate or deactivate Narrator * Capslock and up or down arrows to change navigational level * Capslock and left or right arrow to navigate to the next or previous item at the set navigational level * Control to pause/resume Narrator’s speech * Capslock and Spacebar to activate or deactivate scan mode * When in scan mode, the up and down arrows moves Narrator’s focus and the left and right arrows will move you by character * Capslock and plus or minus keys to increase or decrease Narrator’s rate of speech * Capslock and A…