#Build 1: How to Get Hired by People Who Don’t Want to Hire You
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Experience and a fancy degree can only get you so far. If you’ve listened to DC, you’ve probably caught that he doesn’t exactly love hiring product managers with experience and those with their MBAs. They don’t give you the right to tell people what to do; all they can do is help you get your foot in the door (he says). But that’s where Maggie breaks the mold. Maggie is a Product Manager at Drift, has her MBA from Harvard Business School — and oh yeah — she’s a former Olympian. And now she’s the newest host on Seeking Wisdom. And in this first episode of #build, she explains everything she’s learned from DC and the Drift team about how to build better and faster. Follow Maggie on Twitter at @maggiecrowley. —- Use the promo code SEEKINGWISDOM when you get your tickets to HYPERGROWTH 2018 and save $500 today (just $199 for your ticket). Visit https://hypergrowth.drift.com/ to get your tickets today and come see speakers like Jocko Willink, Molly Graham, Chaka Pilgrim, Amelia Boone, Grant Cardone, and more in…