#80: Why DC Sent His Co-Founder To Meet Jocko
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If you liked this episode, we bet that you’ll love our blog content. blog.drift.com/#subscribe Subscribe to never miss a post & join the 20,000+ other pros committed to getting better every day. ——- “You’re going to Austin to see Jocko.” That’s what DC told his co-founder Elias (Drift’s CTO) a few weeks ago. They’ve started two companies together over the last 10 years, and last week, DC sent Elias to go see Jocko Willink— the same Jocko that we talked about on episode #72 Leadership Lessons From A Navy Seal. And now that Elias is back, we had to have him on Seeking Wisdom to tell the whole story, including why he’s been getting up at 4:30 AM ever since. PS. You can follow Elias on Instagram @EliasTorres Here’s how you can support Seeking Wisdom if you’re a fan of the podcast: 1. Get your tickets to Hypergrowth using the promo code SEEKINGWISDOM at hypergrowth.drift.com 2. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app. 3. Leave us a five-star review. Here’s how: bit.ly/5-Stars-Only.