Essential Apple Podcast 86: Doom and Gloom is Cancelled
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Recorded 6th May 2018 Mark is feeling under the weather again - although the weather here is decidedly pleasant for a change! I am joined by Donny Yankellow to talk over this week’s news. Apple’s iPhone X is far from a flop, Apple had a record quarter raking in the cash hand over fist. Analysts were all way off… What Apple records about you; and whatever else we think of during the show. Remember you don’t need a special invite to join our Slack community any more, you can now just click on this instead! On this week’s show: DONNY YANKELLOW Donny’s Books Donny’s Website Donny on iBooks (US only at the moment) Donny’s Sticker Packs Donny’s Junior Typer (Also US only) APPLE 5 big revelations from Apple’s surprising Q2 earnings call - Take this you snivelling curs of analysts, market predictors and general doomsayers - suck it up crybabies! – Cult of Mac iPhone X the world’s best-selling smartphone in Q1 – Strategy Analytics There’s an iPhone 7 Microphone Bug for Device on iOS 11.3 or Later –…