16: First They Banned Alex Jones. Joe Rogan Will Be Next.
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September 7, 2018
Joe Rogan is being criticized for his interview of Elon Musk by Motherboard, a Vice tech blog. There is a pattern for the destruction of independent media figures like Milo Yiannopoulos , Gavin McInnes, Jordan Peterson, and Alex Jones. This article is the beginning for Rogan. Here is the pattern: A millennial, liberal blogger posts a dishonest representation of a media personality. Other liberal bloggers Tweet or re-blog the piece echoing the falsehoods. Media Matters begins monitoring the personality. They take past and future statements out of context. Newspapers report on the personality's out-of-context statements under the guise of "danger to democracy." Op-Ed writers and cable news talking heads debate the morality of the out-of-context, false comments. This debate spills over to social media and becomes totally detached from the original content. The repetition makes it true to the majority of people. Journalists begin asking public figures if it is appropriate to appear on the program using social…