The Rise of Progressivism and Administrative Agency in American History
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Ronald J. Pestritto, dean of the graduate school of statesmanship at Hillsdale College, joined The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the rise of progressivism in American history and its role in shaping our government and modern politicians. Pestrittos research on the birth of American progressivism has lead him across the party lines as well as to politicians like Woodrow Wilson. Its really amazing how thoroughly [progressivism] comes to dominate politics and political culture toward the end of the 19th century, Pestritto said. The idea of progress and the power of that is deeply embedded. The chief characteristic of todays government that reflects progressivism is government by administrative agency, Pestritto said. The things that the state gets itself involved in today are so vast and so complex, that theres no way that they can be handled, even a little bit, by ordinary legislation. Later in the hour, Domenech and Pestritto discussed whether constitutional limits and ideas are even something that voters…