156: AWS Outposts, Choosing An NVMe Fabric, Parallel NFS Cautions
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Today’s Datanauts show tackles three different topics with three guests. We explore * AWS Outposts with Ned Bellavance * Choosing the right NVMe fabric with Howard Marks * Being Cautious with Parallel Network File System (NFS) with Chris Wahl This show is a departure from our usual format where we divide one subject into three segments. Let us know what you think of this experiment. Even More Podcasts! If you like Datanauts, check out other podcasts in the Packet Pushers network, including IPv6 Buzz, Full Stack Journey, Heavy Networking, and Network Break. Get nerdy tech analysis and compelling conversations about infrastructure, cloud, professional development, and more. Find them all at packetpushers.net. Show Links: AWS Outposts and Azure Stack – Ned In The Clouds (Ned Bellavance’s blog) DeepStorage.net – All things Howard Marks Wahl Network – Chris Wahl’s blog RFC 5661 “Network File System (NFS) Version 4 Minor Version 1 Protocol” – IETF RFC5664 “Object-Based Parallel NFS (pNFS) Operations” – IETF