147: What’s Your Private Cloud Strategy?
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September 19, 2018
Everyone talks about cloud and a lot of people are rushing to the public cloud, in part because cloud providers make it so easy to spin up resources and get started. But you can build a private cloud and have the same benefits–ease of use, self-service, and accountability–within your own data center. On today’s Datanauts podcast, we break down what it takes to build out a private cloud on your premises. Our guest is Rita Younger, National Practice Lead SDDC / SDN and Technical Innovation Group at CDW. You can find her on Twitter as @SDN_GIRL. Our three-part show covers the following: Part 1: Changes To Physical Infrastructure * Why you need to understand traffic flows * The importance of network analytics * Three-tier vs. leaf-spine architectures * How hyperconverged affects infrastructure Part 2: Private Cloud Benefits * What are the characteristics of a private cloud: orchestration, automation, APIs? * Dealing with operational complexity * Intent-based networking * Whether applications need to be changed…