151: An Insider’s View Of Technical Education And Certification
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November 14, 2018
Most IT careers will involve some kind of technical education, training, or certification; it’s just part of the job. Today on the Datanauts podcast we get an insider’s view of what it’s like to develop educational programs by someone who’s actually done it. Our guest is Brett Guarino, a Principal Instructor for VMware Education. He designs and teaches instructional courses on how to use VMware products. We talk about how training courses are put together, how curriculum teams decide what to prioritize, how they handle different learning styles, and how they train trainers. Brett also shares his insights on how IT professionals can address learning something new, shares research suggestions, discusses the utility of home labs, and offers tips to stay abreast of new features that roll into products. The Datanauts and Brett also map technical training to the certification path, discuss where training and certification course materials may converge and diverge, and speculate on the future of certifications. Our…