Episode 29! Let’s Begin a Discussion on Beginner Games
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Today, the hosts discuss their favourite moments in Storium and how our beginner games are going. Show Notes 00:32 Intro 00:50 Geek-Out: Favorit Moments 18:40 Running Beginner Games 74:00 Outro Links: Storium Links: The Cost of an Arm and a Leg: https://storium.com/game/the-cost-of-an-arm-and-a-leg/chapter-1/scene-1 Hellish Hack scene: https://storium.com/game/the-cost-of-an-arm-and-a-leg/chapter-6/scene-2 UNIT: https://storium.com/game/unit-the-ecology-game/chapter-1/scene-1 Time Guard: https://storium.com/game/time-guard-ice-shield/chapter-3/scene-4 Time Guard: https://storium.com/game/time-guard/chapter-9/scene-5 DAO Season 1: https://storium.com/game/department-of-abnormal-occurrences/chapter-1/scene-1 Timer: A […]