It’s Just Business: Underpaid athletes, over-priced beer and our most contentious Kap segment yet!
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September 12, 2018
We start of continuing a recent trend of talking Women’s professional sports by looking at WNBA wages and the mystery of the league’s revenue. Then we tap dance on the Nike/Kap 3rd rail (Burn’em if you got’em) and things get a little like Serena Williams and the US Open Tennis officials for a stretch. Our publicists will be releasing statements shorty. But then we regroup and gather around the hibachi and drink warm beer to discuss the Kansas City Chief’s new tailgating rules and a counter-intutive trend of NFL stadium concessions prices dropping in recent years. We wrap it all up with some NFL season fortune telling to celebrate the 2018 season kick-off. We won’t be talking Kaepernick again…Book It!