A Geek’s Rap About Neural Networks
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September 29, 2017
One thing about Software Circus — performances were not just for the actors. We saw bank technologists jousting to tell their story about scale. {code} hosted what was described as the smallest cafe. It was in a shipping container. To get out, you had to work with your team to solve a host of clues. There was an oracle. The performances were mostly from people with no background in acting and singing, with a few exceptions. One of those exceptions was Siraj Raval, a data scientist and accomplished performer as well. Check out the rap he did to end his talk at the circus. Raval, who we featured Wednesday, gives these talks about machine learning and neural networks. He adds a bit of fun to the talks with a rap that is a bit awkward and very fun. He gets up there and helps people better understand neural networks and machine learning. Software Circus is always much more than a standard conference. We love anything that gets technologists to tell their stories through a performance. Watch on YouTube:…