Conversation with David Trotter and Tripp Fuller | Progressive Christians and Creators of “The Road to Edmond” Movie
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I’m not going to lie, I had red flags. I watched “The Road to Edmond” and realized that it was a Christian movie about 15 minutes in. Let’s face it, I am a heathen and it’s a little intimidating when one is facing two theologians, one of which has a “Dr.” In front of his name. Fortunately, the movie was good, and not just good as in “it’s a Christian movie” good, but actually entertaining and endearing. More fortunately, David and Tripp are incredibly great guys and are progressive Christians, which means that they are inclusive, not exclusive, with their faith and appreciate humanity and humans for being diverse, not shun them for it. These are my types of Christians! Tripp Fuller also has a podcast called “Homebrewed Christianity” where he talks about faith, theology, philosophy and beer. It’s a really interesting show and a good listen. It’s not preachy, it is very interesting, and I am enjoying it a lot. You’ll hear about how David figured out a way to make a buddy movie during a literal road trip and…