“Everyone Loves the Goonies!” with Kelly Guimont | Tech Journalist and Fellow Podcaster on “The Aftershow”
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Listen to the sketch on YouTube here!: Hey Everyone! This week’s episode features Kelly Guimont (@verso) who is a tech journalist, fellow podcaster and also one of the heads of an organization that I absolutely adore: App Camp for Girls. App Camp is a summer program for young women for the sole purpose of teaching them how to code… with no boys allowed. You can learn more by going to appcamp4girls.com and I wish very much that I would have forced my daughter’s to go. Unfortunately, they are both too old now, but it’s not too late for your daughters. I’m just a rotten parent. I’m getting super excited about season 2 of the new Sketch Comedy Podcast Show. I’m still looking for guests, so if you know someone, are someone, or can think of someone you don’t know that you feel would be great on the show, let me know! I need to contact 100 people in the next couple of weeks, aspirational guests from many walks of life, and wonder if I can get some help on people to do this show with. I have some really great guests…