95: Duchesse de Bourgogne & the Mad Men Finale
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On Sunday, Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men aired its series finale on AMC and we called up Ryan to help us come to terms with it. We’re drinking one of our favourite sours, Duchesse de Bourgogne aka. The Duchess. Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the finale yet, don’t listen to this episode. If you haven’t seen Mad Men at all, maybe you need to think about the choices that led you to this point in your life. Show Notes 00:00 – Introduction 00:55 – Duchesse de Bourgogne 06:30 – Mad Men finale, first thoughts 08:20 – Spoiler alert! 14:35 – Casting 16:45 – Did Don write the ad at the end of the show? 20:15 – Ambiguity and other show finales 25:50 – Earlier predictions and the final season 32:30 – Most-hated characters 40:40 – Future of the actors and characters 47:00 – Other shows on TV 50:00 – Wrapping it up