233: Cocktail Month 2018 Episode 1 with Mama Cutsworth
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Cocktail month is back! For the first episode, we’re joined once again by Sarah Michaelson, a.k.a. Mama Cutsworth. In addition to her DJing career, improv and running a DJ academy, she’s also been bartending at Forth Bar in the Exchange District. Given our shared love of music, we chose +1 (the First Avenue Beer) by Surly Brewing to enjoy while we chat about cocktails and music and so much more. Sarah made a gorgeous “Roasty Toasty” cocktail using the Corsaire Brown Ale & bourbon, while Colin created a reverse milkshake IPA using Crafty Radler and some dry-hopped gin. Show Notes 00:00 – Introduction 01:45 – The legend of First Avenue 12:00 – Donald Glover 19:25 – Getting into cocktail making 24:20 – This years beer selections 28:25 – Our cocktail – dry hopped gin and radler (reverse milkshake IPA) 32:25 – Milkshake IPA, the new hotness 35:20 – The next cool thing? (Probably-wrong predictions) 37:55 – Travelling with beer: key-keg in a duffle bag 39:45 – “I love packing” 45:30 – The privilege of a Canadian…