63: Unibroue La Terrible
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In this episode Craig Thorn and Phil Hinson join us to discuss Unibroue La Terrible. On top of the beer, which we both had different vintages, we talked beer price and availability, comparing Winnipeg to Montreal to Phoenix. This episode is all beer talk. Show Notes 00:00 – Intro00:30 – Unibroue La Terrible06:15 – Cheers, tasting the beer11:00 – Prices and availability13:50 – Standard Lager14:45 – London breweries17:35 – The state of craft in Manitoba25:30 – Beer in Quebec27:55 – Beer in Phoenix29:00 – More comparisons33:30 – Rogue35:40 – Further comparisons37:40 – Farmery39:50 – Other breweries44:50 – Creating scarcity, rare brews48:15 – Big hype beers59:15 – Brewheads and beer apparel1:08:35 – Wrapping It Up