MBA1117 Long Term Facebook Marketing Strategies + Free Ride Friday!
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For new businesses, Facebook is a long game. The power of social media marketing is often, frankly, overhyped. But that doesn’t mean there’s aren’t serious gains to be made with the right approach. In particular, Facebook’s ability to directly target users according to endlessly refinable characteristics is just too good to pass up — but it still requires strategy on your part. Today, we discuss our long-term, slow-and-steady method for gradually getting a serious ROI on Facebook marketing. With a far-reaching outlook, you can harness the considerable power of Facebook to make your ad buys count in a big way. We’ll show you how to build and implement a Facebook strategy like the one we’ve been using for the last several years, to great effect. Facebook can make a huge impact on your business, but only if you approach it with the correct timeframe in mind. Planning, patience, and commitment will bear the biggest fruit. See how we pull it off, plus learn about an incredible online resource that makes Facebook…