MBA1032 How to Get the Most Out of a Meetup + Free Ride Friday!
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The Internet is great, but sometimes you can’t beat some good ol’ fashioned real-world networking. Physical meetups are more prevalent than you might think, and more affordable, too. Depending on your industry, there’s a good chance of finding a valuable get-together within a reasonable distance of wherever you are. Today, we discuss how to find, prepare for, and make the most of meetups. We offer 4 specific tips for maximizing the ROI on the time you set aside to meet up, which can be considerable. With a little strategy, a little social grace, and a little extrovertedness, you can make the contacts that make a difference. By going into meetups with a few modest goals and a plan to meet them, you can actively participate in a way that can have a significant impact on your business. Plus, it’s FREE RIDE FRIDAY!!! Don’t just attend, intend. Make meetups worth it — Click Play!